Ready for winter


So we had our first snow fall in Chicago this past weekend. And as much as I miss summer I am ready for winter. 

Normally I'm the guy who complains about the cold weather and snow.  Also this time of year for my 9-to-5 job keep me crazy busy. But this year I'm ready for cold weather and snowy photo hikes along Lake Michigan. After words I plan on enjoying a nice big mug of hot tea, while i binge watch some Netflix's show I have been putting off on, sitting next to my wife. .

I think the main reason that I'm ready for the cold weather is because I'm actually "ready" for weather. In the 15 plus years we've lived here in Chicago I've never owned proper winter clothing. So going out in the snow was always a treacherous toe freezing, finger numbing, and wind blown experience. Now for the first time,  I have proper winter gear and knowing that makes the idea of being out in the snow much more enjoyable 

Jogger on lake front trail CHICAGO IL, Jan 2016

Jogger on lake front trail CHICAGO IL, Jan 2016

Unfortunately though in Chicago we don't really get those weeklong snowfalls with feet worth of snow accumulations .  Instead, snowfalls then it transitions to a nasty slushy wet and ice mix,  then to solid ice.  

 But rest assured the first big snow fall in January,  you can find me out on the lake Michigan trail with my camera, hiking through the snowbanks, taking photos and enjoying the weather.